Thursday, July 23, 2009

These two dear ladies are the Snoop Sisters. Their names were Ernesta and Gwendolyn. Ernesta is the frumpy one and Gwendolyn the more svelte and stylish one. Aren't they wonderful? Don't you just love the one on the left in the hat? That one would HAVE to be my BFF, Tia and I'm sure I'd be destined to be the frumpy one on the right. We are the modern day equivalent of these two dear souls. Snoop Sisters 2009! Whilst (I adore using whilst any chance I get because I think it's completely underused) we were driving from our fabulous lunch at Taqueria La Paisa yesterday, we came upon a huge police shakedown at the bait shop on 21st street. We decided we need a police scanner so we can keep abreast of what's going on around town. The ultimate Snoop Sister scanner. Then Tia remembered a cute old police car (although I don't think it was THIS cute)

for sale downtown. We decided we need it for our new Snoop Sister jobs if only for the siren and lights. Since we will be busy listening to the scanner...wouldn't it be awesome if we could have HER

as our chauffeur? She was the chauffeur in the original Snoop Sisters show. She might be dead...I'll have to check that out. Doesn't she just look like her name would have been Gert or Hazel or Myrtle? Some old fashioned name that NO ONE names their children anymore? She looks like she doesn't take any flak off anyone.
Then Tia thought it would be best if we had some sort of uniform...perhaps a cape.

This cape was too fabulous not to mention but might hinder our easy entrance and exit from the "scene of the crime" so we thought we would opt for something a bit less dramatic, but yet still classy like this shorter model.

I think we could use this as a ministry opportunity. Kind of unofficial chaplains. Yep...I think this is going to be our one-big-thing.

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