Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this magazine. I love magazines in general but I've honed my love down to a few faithfuls that I just can't do without. My fave of all times is Country Living UK. I am not all that fond of the American version of Country Living but the British one...oh, it is delightful!
So many of my favorite magazines have ceased production (Hallmark, Mary Engelbreit, Country Home, Cottage Living) but there are still some goodies on the market.

Mary Jane's Farm is a really neat magazine that includes alot of How To's within the pages. The articles are more in depth than you usually find. Interesting stuff like how to keep bees, vintage campers, etc. It's very much focused on organic and is used as a bit of a vehicle for Mary Jane Butters (its founder's) business but still it is a good publication. And how could you not love someone named Mary Jane Butters...I mean, really.

I like Southern Living MOST of the time. It has interesting articles and AWESOME recipes but sometimes the articles are too short and it feels like they settle for a lot of small bites of information. I think the layout of this magazine is a bit crowded and overdone...

that said...the most beautiful magazine I've ever seen is...

this one. Life: Beautiful, is just a quarterly publication but it is absolutely stellar. It's printed on heavy, matte stock and the photography is breathtaking. It has a religious bend so it's obviously a niche publication but since I am religious...I love it and that's all I care about.

I do love my magazines and the hardest thing is getting rid of them. I have stacks that I say.."I'll go through and discard." Who knows if I ever will. I love going back and reading them all over again in their entire form.

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