Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Ode to Ramen Noodles

This is one of the cutest movies ever! I have to admit that I love Asian movies and foreign films. The premise of this is so cute. Brittany Murphy (she's SO cute) moves to Tokyo to follow a boyfriend and ends up without the boyfriend and without a job. Out of desperation she takes a job in a noodle (ramen) house and while doing every grunt job there is decides she wants to learn to make the ramen. She sees the joy the ramen brings to people and wants to give them that too. It's a charming movie with fabulous clothes and set styling. I HIGHLY recommend this movie, The Ramen Girl, with only a few little warnings. First..there are a few love scenes (minor), one of the people she meets calls herself a geisha (she's actually a hooker) and there is some profanity (although it had been dubbed on the version we rented). After you have rented and watched this..seek out "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman". It's such a great movie...all subtitles. There is a Hispanic Version of it too. I THINK it is called Tortilla Soup.

That all just fuels my love of these. Ever since they first appeared on the scene at our Long's Drug Store in Santa Maria, California, I have loved them. I used to eat Ramen Noodles every single Sunday night while I watched Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys on t.v. I still love ramen noodles...much to my darling husband's chagrin. He hates them. I like to crack an egg into them when they are boiling and let it cook to soft set. Then when you eat them you can stir the yolk in and it is really yummy.

Don't these make your mouth water? Pure childhood comfort food.
This post has made me think of all the other comfort food I remember from childhood like my Gran's chicken salad, Gran's chow mein, Mom's Thanksgiving stuffing and gravy, corn casserole, Dorito's Mexican Chef Salad, Chewy Cocoa Brownies to name a few. All delish!

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