Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great TV

Those who know me best know that I adore British TV shows. A couple days ago I mentioned Rosemary and Thyme which is shown on British PBS and on select PBS stations here in the U.S. but can be found on DVD. It's so good. In the murder mystery vein, Miss Marple is also good and so is the brand new Miss Marple, Geraldine McEwen. She makes such an interesting character.

A complete favorite forever has been Keeping Up Appearances. It's so funny and the characters never fail to come through with GREAT appearances. The lead in that show, Patricia Rutledge, has another series..the Hetty Wainthropp mysteries. I can't wait to watch those. I just requested the complete disc series from the library and I'm dying for it to come in.

One of my favorite shows of all time is the British "soap" called As Time Goes By. It stars Judi Dench and it's so good. I bought it on ebay a while back and have watched all the episodes many times. The scenery is so neat and I love the glimpses inside the house they live in. My brother was just in England and took a picture of the door of the house that is THE house they used as a front door in the show.
One of the greatest shows of all times is All Creatures Great and Small based on the books by James Herriott. My parents have those episodes and they are really fun to

I don't know why the Brits seem to have the corner on great shows but I sure am glad that between the library, ebay and Barnes and Noble..we can find them all.

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