Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whew...what a weekend

We have had a whirlwind week and weekend here at our gray house in Kansas. We ended last week with such a fun Memorial Day weekend...our anniversary, a great time at my In-Love's burning limbs and cooking hotdogs (not to mention a SNAKE sighting) and then out to eat with family and a bbq at my sweet niece's home. felt like it went on forever. In the course of it all we also got my flower garden all weeded, preen-ed and mulched. It looks fabulous.

Last week was the Big D's first full week of no school and he kept himself very busy with activities, walks and chores. Sweet Baby M finished school on Thursday and ended with a very hard earned 3.0 gpa. She had some really hard Advanced Placement classes in addition to Chemistry and Psychology. We are so proud of her...she worked very hard for those grades along with pulling a full volleyball and club volleyball schedule. She is glad to be finished but starts volleyball conditioning again tomorrow and is taking her Government requirement this summer. She will be a busy girl.

In anticipation of the cleaning people starting again tomorrow, Big D and I moved furniture around and tidied up. This little exercise in furniture moving took us three days to complete. We made a hang-out space in the basement for the teens and turned the unused office into a library. We also switched my living room and dining room back to their original purposed spaces. It was a lot of heavy work and I NEVER could have done it without Big D. He is the muscle in this equation. He was such a complete delight to work with. He has a funny sense of humour and a great personality. It is a revelation how alike we are. I love discovering that. I hope that my children only get all Jim and my best qualities and just forget all the other junk. They are both so delightful. I get such a thrill out of being their Mom and enjoying watching them grow up.

Sweet Baby M and I have decided that our big project this summer will be redecorating her room from it's tomboy look into a more sophisticated college style. I love that she's actually considering staying here for college and living at home. I get to hang on to her just a little bit more.

Jim and I attended our darling great niece, Annabelle's, dance performance tonight. She is so cute and smart. She was the star of the show and made all the other little Jitterbugs look silly and like they didn't know what they were doing. She was absolutely precious. It made our hearts so happy when she recognized us and got excited to see us. She is a doll!

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