Friday, May 1, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

A Few Things
1. I am so sick of the rain. I have to keep reminding myself that I will be thankful we had all this rain in July when the ground is so dry that it is cracked. It is wonderful that the trees and all my plants are getting this LONG drink BUT please...rain...end.
2. Rainy weather is not conducive to housetraining a new puppy.
3. Shadow is testing my patience with his continual persecution of the little dogs. He is under the impression that Pup pup is a stuffed animal and needs to be carried around by the tail. She is not amused.
4. Shadow spends ALOT of time trying to get up on the couch and be "pals" with the little dogs. They spend ALOT of time trying to get away from him. He finally figured out how to climb up. Happy, happy, joy, joy.
5. I need to go to the grocery store but I don't want to get so wet. I have stuff for dinner tonight and the only other thing we needed were new baseball pants for Big D. It's not looking like that game is going to happen tonight anyway unless they are playing in a swamp.
6. Did I mention yet that I'm sick of rain?
7. Big D and I are so excited about signing up for our Compassion International kids this weekend. He has earmarked a little guy from Rwanda and my little girl comes from Indonesia. We are ecstatic! What a gift to us that we can make a difference in someone's life AND get the extra blessing of hearing about it. Too much!
8. If it doesn't quit raining when my peonies finally bloom I'm going to be so mad! I don't want to bring them in all waterlogged! I have to get out in the garden and make sure all the fragile stems are protected in the peony cage.
9. Soup for lunch? Sounds good.
10. I'm trying to get into a new book. No luck. I've picked up a couple and thrown them aside halfway in...which is very rare for me. I usually finish no matter what. I just haven't found one that kept me interested in a while. I want a book I can lose myself in that I won't want to put down.
Okay....that's it for now. Back to mediating dog fighting, lurking in the basement with my laundry and watching the rain.

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