Saturday, May 2, 2009

Friday Night Date

I finally talked(convinced, conned, begged) Jim into taking me out for dinner. It was awesome! We went to Savute's, a complete hole in the wall on N. Broadway that we haven't been to in forever. I don't remember liking it the last time I was there but this rocked! We were by far the YOUNGEST people in the place which is saying alot because we aren't very young. Jim ordered a T-Bone steak and I had the steak and catfish because I live in KS and have NEVER had catfish. They make their salad dressing from scratch...but I'd better start at the beginning.
The water glasses were filled, we were seated at a table with a slight tilt and the bread basket was delivered. Both french and pumpernickel bread and butter and those wonderful little packages of breadsticks. Can't beat it! Then we ordered drinks. For Jim a Boulevard Wheat and I ordered a glass of Cabernet which oddly enough was served in a juice glass. It was great wine however but it was strange to see it in such a stubby glass. The antipasti plate was a strange saucer of iceberg lettuce, salami and pepperoni, an orange cheese and a white cheese (of indeterminate variety), pickles, anchovies and banana peppers. It was delish!
Salads were either the Italian variety or normal with homemade dressing. I chose the ranch and it was icy cold and creamy. Very good.
I have never had catfish and so decided to order the steak and catfish. Jim opted for the T-Bone as I stated above. The T-Bone was cooked to perfection and served with a side of Spaghetti. Both were really good. I expected my steak to be a sirloin or some cheap cut since it wasn't defined on the menu but it was a ribeye and very tender. The catfish was too die for with homemade tartar sauce. Delicate and crispy with a just right fish taste. This also came with a side of spaghetti.
I'd give Savute's five stars. It was a big side of kitchy with a major serving of yummy! I'd definitely make it one of our "go-to" spots. I kept thinking the whole evening of how much Big D would love it!

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Jenni said...

We'll have to give Savute's a try. It's not one I would have thought of, but with a recommendation like that, who can refuse?