Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great Weekend!

We had the best weekend! Friday night we went out to eat (under tornado warning) at Savutes...which is turning into one of our favorite hangouts. Jim had the steak and catfish this time and I had a filet mignon. It was so wonderfully tender you could have cut it with your fork. It's so fun to go there because it is a dive, which we love. The cutest cocktail waitress EVER who had to be about 80? was in attendance.
IT was wonderful!
Pair that with the fact that they play Frank Sinatra and you just have to love it.

At one time I'm sure she looked exactly like this.

On Saturday we drove out to look at some property at Eureka Lake. Decided it wasn't for us. We don't want to buy a property that requires us to spend even more time mowing and maintaining. We like to be hangin' out and doing fun things in our down time. On Saturday night we went and saw Angels and Demons, the movie with Tom Hanks. It was awesome! I loved the book and really loved the movie (although not as much as the book...that would be a sacrilege!). I adore the rituals and history of Catholicism (although I'm not Catholic) and so really appreciated all the history and symbolism. We sat in the balcony at the Warren Theater and I have to say...I love it! They have waitstaff in the balcony and so you can order from the diner and also order cocktails. Loverly. The seats, however, leave something to be desired. They are couchs with tables and heaters but they are too kicked back for people with short legs.

Today I woke up early and enjoyed all the birds in the backyard singing and flitting about. Sooo cute! Jim and the Big D headed to Ark City to the Kansas Badlands with the ATV's and Big D's dirtbike. They take a cooler and have so much fun..gettin' down in the dirt. I stayed home with Sweet Baby M and we snuck to Cracker Barrel. Oh was so good but I have to say...we were stuffed. We ate more breakfast than two humans should be allowed to eat. We were positively ill. It looked pretty much just like this and was positively yummy. We loved looking through the doo-dads in the gift shop too. I actually found a really great black tank and sweater that wasn't hokey at all and was on clearance. Great for summer. Our breakfast feast looked exactly like this plate.

I made the trip to Walmart after that and stocked us up on a new crate for Shadow, dog food, undies, ham, all the random stuff you buy at Walmart.

Tonight I made yummy chicken enchiladas for dinner which we ate with Spanish Rice and a tossed salad. It was really good. When we were sitting on the back porch, Jim told me it would be okay to get The Cleaning Authority to come and clean again. Yahoo! I had them when I worked but since I'm not working...felt kind of bad about it. But Jim said, just get them so I'm jumping on that like termites on wet wood. I hate cleaning bathrooms, etc. I hope they don't feel as put upon as this poor soul in this picture.

Okay...gotta run. Shadow just ate the stub of Jim's cigar out of the chimenea. He's not the smartest tack in the box...but we love him!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That DOES sound like a great weekend!

I need a good chicken enchilada recipe. Wanna share yours???