Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Summer!

*This picture looks exactly like what I want out of summer. Lots of books and reading time. Lazing around. Sounds heavenly.

*When I was a little favoritest thing was joining the Library Reading Club and then checking out huge quantities of books. I still love checking out huge quantities of books. Who couldn't love the public library...all the books you could ever want for absolutely free. It's awesome. And the best part is that if you pick a can return it and not worry about money wasted. Love that!

*I also can't wait for our trip to Minnesota. Lake Carlos is so pretty and it's fun for us land locked Kansans to wake up on water. The sound of the lake hitting the shore, the sun rising up over it, the loons calling to their mates on the water, it's all so magical. We are looking forward to a lot of fun.

*The Big D had his last day of school yesterday. He's so big...eighth grade and all now. My poor Sweet Baby M still has a week left. It's just brutal.

*Hubs and my big 25th anniversary is Monday. We will have been married 25 years on the 25th. Weird. Of course, since it falls on Memorial Day we can't get a reservation at the restaurant we wanted to go to. Ugh. I don't know whether to just settle for something else or wait until the next weekend. I think we should wait but he wants to celebrate. I just don't want to think back on it and have it be mediocre because I can never let that go. That's one of my MANY fatal flaws! LOL. I like perfect. Not necessarily perfection but I like memories that are perfectly what I wanted the event, person, etc., to be. A decision will have to be made, I guess.

*We are looking forward to so many things this summer. I'm stealing an idea from a bloggy friend...and making a wish list of summer activities and dreams. So far we have about 24 items on it. Maybe I'll post it when we are done.

*In other news (and the most important of all), my Darling Husband earned an incredibly generous promotion. He is now referred to as Mr. BigWig, The Kingpin, The Preferetti....really I'm kidding. He did get a major promotion. He is very wonderful. We've always thought he was a bigwig even when he was a "not very bigwig" and I'm so proud of him! Now I just hope he doesn't disappear for the summer and we actually see him a little...he will be VERY busy.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Congrats to your husband! Very exciting!

And we are BIG readers 'round here. Sometimes we make two trips to the library in a week's time. LOVE that my kids love it so much. And the summer reading program is also highly motivating.

Where were you exactly when you saw the moose last summer? We went to Grand Lake 2 years ago and didn't see ONE. I was so disappointed! I'm glad you got to see them...I think they're so cool.