Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I love this picture of my Sweet Baby M and her volleyball friend. This picture is so indicative of her effervescent personality. She is bubbly and fun and always pretty happy. When Sweet Baby M was a baby, I thought she was the most challenging child I'd ever known. I so wanted her to be well behaved and submissive...and for the most part...she wasn't. She was a ball of fire, always ready to run in the street, climb to the highest point on the jungle gym and pet any strange and vicious looking dog. She spoke to any human, took candy from strangers and generally disobeyed more than obeyed.
Oh, how I loved her! She was a complete breath of fresh air in her obedient Mother's life. She fascinates me always with her boldness. She has taught me so many things over the years. She's taught me that family comes first, how to live for the moment and that what people think is just what they think...I can't change it...I can just live life the best I can. She definitely taught me that unconditional love exists! She's everything I could ever want in a daughter and then she continues to surprise me and be even more.

Once I had a darling daughter, I could think of nothing better than a strong and handsome son to adore forever. I certainly got that gift also in the Big D. He was the sweetest baby I'd ever laid eyes on. He was chubby and had the wispiest blonde hair...and he was so quiet. I spent the first two years of his life just holding him and never regretted one minute of time spent with undone "things". He was worth it. Big D spent the first half of kindergarten chasing my car around the circle drive at drop off yelling, "Mommy..don't yeave me heaw!". He broke my heart. The number of days that I spent sitting in my car at the school for those 3 hours a day of kindergarten outweigh the number I actually got to go home. Now he's a big seventh (almost eighth) grader and quick to jump out of the car and join his friends at school. I still like to think he misses me a bit. Driving my kids to school has been one of the joys of my life. Time spent in the car with them has always been special. Whether we listen to the radio together, talk or seems like it's always a good time to connect. Now this big guy is into dirt bikes, atv's, raising a dog, camping and all boy stuff. Once upon a time though, he was his Mom's boy and I hope he remembers those times fondly.

My children have been the delight of my life. God gave me such a tremendous gift when He gave them to me. I had longed for them for eight plus years and the day I became a Mommy was it for me. I finally felt like I had fulfilled my destiny. I've never loved anything more than being a Mother and caring for my children. They make me who I am and I adore them.

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