Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Morning

We have had a good visit with my family. They arrived on Thursday and we have sat around visiting and eating for days. Yesterday, Jim took us on a driving tour of Wichita. We visited the Mid America Indian Center monument with its LARGE statue of The Keeper of the Plains by Black Bear Bosin. It's really neat. The city has done a magnificent job of making it a place that people want to come and given the statue the honor it deserves. Then we drove to Juarez Bakery and picked up a few treats to eat while driving around town looking at the old houses. We stopped at a couple garage sales along the way and the fam found a few treasures to haul back to Minnesota.

We celebrated my Mom's birthday (early) last night at Il Vicino. They loved it and it was as yummy as it always is. Everything always tastes so fresh and homemade there. We also enjoyed Tiramisu for dessert. It is heavenly there! Then home and everyone kind of went into a food induced stupor.

Today (Sunday) we will open gifts and then the In-Loves are coming for dinner! I am excited. It is blazing hot so I think instead of heating up the oven we will probably do a sandwich buffet with side dishes. I just need to decide what those are going to be. I wonder if I can buy something edible somewhere instead of cooking it...I want to spend time shopping with Sweet Baby M and my Mom instead of cooking all day. Maybe we will pop in at the big Dillon's Marketplace or Piccadilly. Anyway...I am excited to have a fun night tonight with family and then we have to start our busy week all over again on Monday. I have prayer group at Tia's, Big D has guitar lessons, Sweet Baby M has volleyball conditioning and Jim has work. I have a stack of laundry again and things need to be tidied up. The fam leaves at 4:00and I have a load of writing I need to do for a new project I'm helping with.

We get to shop here today! I'm so excited!

I've actually never been to our T.J. Maxx (well maybe once) and we enjoyed it so much in Palm Bay that I am excited to go. No better shopping partner in crime than Sweet Baby M so.....hopefully we won't do too much damage. We need to remember that we have a garage sale coming up and all the things going into it already! No more junk!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

just wanted to tell you that I LOVE Il Vicino. John and I love to go there for date night! i've never had anything that wasn't delish!

I also went to TJMaxx tonight. I could spend hours there.

Oh, and about losing your post on Blogger? i've done that before and it is infuriating. So sorry.