Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Already Thursday!'s already Thursday! Where did this week go? Oh, I know! I spent most of the time FIXING my bad hair decisions! Ugh...8 hours wasted on that! I have got to kick it into gear and get my closet cleaned out for the garage sale that I'm alledgedly having soon! The goal was June but it may slide into July. When I'm done with that closet and the hall closet, I am going to reward myself tonight with a glass of this on the patio.

I've finished the Psalms of Ascent Beth Moore that I was doing with Tia. I found a deal on Beth's Esther DVD's by STALKING ebay but until we can start that I am enjoying this study. It's called Live Deeply: A Study in the Parables of Jesus and is written by Skip Heitzig's wife, Lenya. I'm enjoying it so far although I've only done a couple lessons. I read once that parables are considered earthly stories with heavenly meaning. Stories that the common person could relate to regarding fishing or nature or farming but that had a context for spiritual development.
Anyway....good so far.

Maggie went to a friend's birthday party last night at Sumo and she looked SO cute. I wish I had taken a picture of her. She wore some darling jean shorts with a cute little top and a really soft grey sweatery thing over the top. She looked very casual chic'. She is so tall and can really wear just about anything and look darling. With her new little bob haircut and those big blue eyes...she's a knockout.

I decided I really need to walk Shadow more so he burns up some of his energy...especially with it being 101 right now. It's too hot for him to run around all day so he needs to walk early in the morning and blow off some steam. We went on a long walk this morning through the parks and on the trails that run through old Comotara neighborhood. Whoever designed that was genius. It's such a great idea to have those hidden passages running behind the houses. You almost (if you squint and REALLY use your imagination) can feel like you are strolling through a little village of houses or somewhere quaint like Balboa Island. Of course, then you come off the trail into the street and realize your just in your same old neighborhood.
Anyway, Shadow was horrible at the beginning of the walk but by the middle he had calmed way down and was actually responding to commands. He came, sat and walked at heel very well. He really tries to please and be a good dog. He is passed out on the kitchen floor, very sweaty right now. By the end of the walk we looked like this...minus the hairy man's leg.

If you happened to see us at the BEGINNING of the walk. I think we might have looked like this. Just substitute the white dog for a black one three times the size.

Okay...I have to get on this. Jim will be so disappointed if it doesn't come to pass. I have to haul stuff out of this house like no tomorrow. Otherwise I won't be able to go to other people's garage sales and buy their things. Ha! I loved this sign...I think my signage needs to include the statement at the bottom! If you can't see it, it says..."Your Treasure Awaits".

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