Thursday, June 11, 2009

Feeling A Little More Rational but Random

I love this book! I found it at Perfect Peace and it is a summation of my theology on parenting. It's what I would parent like in a perfect world. I like the concepts and theories on children and relationships and think it's right on the mark. I love the concept of Grace anyway. It's my favorite doctrinal truth.

I love this cutie! She feels like a friend although I've only seen her in person one time. No other human being (okay...maybe Ruth Bell Graham) has had more of an impact on my spiritual life than Beth Moore. I have done all her studies except Esther and Tia and I are just finishing Psalms of Ascent. Before I quit working, I purchased the DVD's on Ebay for her and I to watch. It was a stroke of genius. I could resell them and make my money back or hang on to them. Haven't decided yet what to do. I'd like to resell them and then buy the Esther series. There is nothing as good as watching Beth speak. You just don't get the same umph from just the written study. I love how she ministers to women.

Speaking of Tia...oh how I love that girl! We went to El Patio today for lunch and had our "usual". We love the nachos with beans and jalapenos and the tacos. Yummy. She is the only person I know that I could talk to for hours, days, weeks, months, decades straight and never say it all. We have been talking for a decade almost and we still talk every day for at least an hour. She is my bf and I don't really have too many of those so it's not something that I take lightly. I am sure we are like Lucy and Ethel to many people. She is my partner in crime in so many ways and I do adore her. Life would be vile and boring without her presence. It helps that we love all the same things like movies and books and Hot Tamales and Mexican food and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Don't you love these pics of Pops and Shadow and of my family (minus my precious Sweet Baby M who was working) at the Indian Center. Great pics. I can't believe until I see it on the screen how tall my Big D is! What happened to that tow headed little man in the flag overalls who never left my hip? Boo hoo! Can I say, however, that the green on green ensemble' that I have on is hideous? Yikes! In what universe was that a look? It makes my hair look green too and noone should ever wear a camera around their neck. It does not a fashion statement make. Good reminders...good to see. Won't make that hideous mistake again. Now that I see my white sunglasses in my hand, I am much more sketchy on them. They may be way too mod-squad.

I am so excited about a show on Channel 43 (Discovery?) tonight called The Hoarder. I'm hoping it will help me break my garage sale obsession and then have my own garage sale. Either that or it will just make me envious of all the good stuff The Hoarder has. It starts at 9:30 so I have exactly enough time to clean up the kitchen, throw some clothes in the dryer and settle in. Shadow is going to bed early tonight so I can watch it from the comfort of my nest upstairs without his panting presence. Oh...that makes me feel mean

look at this happy go lucky little guy. He's one of a kind and I adore his panting presence. I guess he can watch The Hoarder too.

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