Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogging Again!

Yep. I'm back to blogging. I've been so busy lately with my daughter and college and volleyball that I haven't had a moment to think a thought of my own. That is the excuse but I also just haven't felt like saying anything. I have a lot of ambivalent thoughts about my Maggie going away to college. On one hand..it's a new adventure and I want her to experience life to the fullest. On the other hand...I'm scared for her. It's so much easier to feel confident that she's safe when she is under my roof. I love making sure she's comfortable and well fed. How will I do that when she is hundreds of miles away? She's my first born. My baby girl.

Anyway...through the last months we have visited colleges and attended alot of volleyball tournaments. We have been to Topeka for a long weekend and just recently to Denver for a four day tournament. Daniel went to a youth retreat over the weekend so we were in Denver with just Maggie. It was a really special time. We stayed two blocks from the convention center in downtown Denver and walked everywhere. We shopped, ate out at incredible restaurants, rode the tram back and forth and watched ALOT of volleyball. Maggie's team came in FIRST in the Silver Select 18's division. We were so proud of her! She's a machine. Coach Pohlman stayed to watch her and so on Friday following our return to Kansas...we headed to Dodge City to check out Dodge City Community College. We all loved it! It's the perfect place for our Maggie and so this Fall...she will be a D3 Conquistador! She's going to be playing a starting position as a Right Side Hitter and she is very excited. Now we are in the throes of picking out dorm decor and trying to figure out how to get everything she will need to Dodge. Very exciting times!

Daniel has been busy with physical therapy for his knee, church youth group and guitar lessons. He is a guitar playing wizard! He has missed Shadow (his black lab) who has been at training camp so much! Shadow has four more weeks of training before he comes home but we visited him and he is doing so well. It's amazing how much he has changed from a big brat into a well behaved boy.

I feel horribly bad about abandoning my sweet blog but life has been so overwhelming with sick me, sick kids, sick parents, my Uncle Bill's death, etc...isn't life just like that sometimes? My sweet friend, Katie, encouraged me to keep writing and I know that daily writing is the key. So here's my commitment to keeping my blog current. It's a great journal and I'm going to write more regularly.

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