Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold in Kansas

It is so cold in Kansas and it is supposed to get even COLDER! One little tidbit about me...I HATE cold weather. If the temperature stayed in the 80's and 90's forever...I'd be very happy. When it is in the 20's and even worse..the teen's...oh, baby! It just hurts my body!

I have my prayer group to go to today. I look forward to this group of five women who meet together to pray for our children. Our kids range in age from thirties to six years old but each child gets prayed for every day. We choose a card representing that child, their Mom shares a request that has been on her heart, we pray immediately for that child and then for the next week, we pray daily for that request. It's really interesting to hear someone else pray so intimately for your children. Besides my BFF, Tia, I didn't know any of these gals before this group. It is humbling to think that they are willing to invest their time praying for my children.

It's neat because our kids are all at such different ages and stages in their lives. Everything from the militairy and weddings to early elementary to college decision. It's a great melting pot of ideas and care!

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