Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That

This little high jumper is my Maggie! We recently went to Crossroads National Qualifier volleyball tournament in Denver. Maggie's team came in FIRST PLACE in the Silver Select 18's division. We were SO proud and it was an awesome way to end her club volleyball career. She has two more tournaments and then we are through with this season of life which is a little bittersweet. We have had many great trips with volleyball...Omaha, Oklahoma City, Denver, Topeka, Salina, Kansas City and many little towns around Kansas. Good times. How can you not love this face? My Mags is known for her engaging personality and her enthusiasm! Do you get that from the picture below?

This sweet boy is at Training Camp. He was a naughty, wicked fellow and now there is hope. His breeder is training him in obedience and hunting. We have visited him and he is doing so well. It did about break my heart to leave him but it will be worth it to have a well behaved dog. He's just too big and strong to handle if he doesn't obey.

These days, however, seem like a distant memory. Wasn't he the cutest! I think he's so handsome now but what a little honey!

Speaking of dogs...if I had my perfect life I would be enjoying lunch at a sidewalk cafe just like this picture. The only difference would be that my dogs would be tied to the chair. If Shadow comes through his training like I think he will, it would mean that he would be lying next to the table instead of dragging it down the street! Ha!

Enough for now..

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