Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Rainy Day, Nesting and Random Thoughts

I love nesting. It's a rainy day here in Kansas and the house is dark and gloomy..very Edgar Allen Poe (love him!) but with the lamps lit and coffee brewing it is a cozy house that I reside in. I love this house. I love knowing that my family is the ONLY family that ever lived here. The dirt is related to me. I've already cleaned up the Big D's room (it only took two Hefty bags) and vacuumed AND cleaned the carpet. Whew! And it's only 10:00 a.m.

Wandering around my gaze settles on things I love. The first picture is a cabinet that my husband, the woodworking genius, made for me. I love using it to store all my extra glassware and barware. The little Chinese folk on the top were a gift from my Mother. The little birds are a new find. Hummel figurines that I found at an estate sale and picked up for a song. Too cute! The big cabinet represents one of my greatest Royal Doulton toby jugs. I haven't added to my collection for a while but I am always on the lookout for new pieces. Finally...I love those California Ted Lewy prints. I found the first two of Lombard Street and the Cable Cars long, long ago (at least 20 years) in Kimberling City, Mo. I wanted them so badly but didn't buy them. A year later my sweet Mother-in-law purchased them and gave them to me. I have added a few more since then and adore the colors and subject matter.

My goal for this week...try to figure out how my Gran made her Chow Mein. It was so good. I know it was pork, browned, onions, bean sprouts, celery and then perhaps a slurry of cornstarch, chicken broth and soy but it had to be more than that. I guess I will defrost some pork and try to figure it out.

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