Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Early Morning

It's 4:30 here in Kanasas and Pup pup decided she wanted to get up and go out. Since she was up, I decided to stop in Big D's room and see if the new puppy needed to go out too. He was sleeping so nicely in his cage and Big D had made a nest out of his comforter and was sleeping right beside him. Too cute! I think he loves his new friend. Usually when Pup pup goes out she goes right back upstairs and falls back asleep BUT not this new little guy. He went out, did his business and it was play time. He is having the time of his life chasing Pup pup around the family room and making her squeal. Every so often his teeth nip a little part of her back leg. He is chewing a toy right now and she is hiding between my feet. I think her fascination with him might just be wearing off. He's such a good little guy though and when he's not exploring, he wants to lie on the big dog pillow and view the world. He is certainly coming to life!

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