Saturday, April 25, 2009

Benton Garage Sale Finds

After dropping the ATV's off in El Dorado, we took a little side-trip through Benton on the way home. Benton was celebrating 100 years as a little town and having a city wide garage sale event! We only stopped at a few but I got my entire load of merchandise for $3.50!!

Four wine glasses, three cordial glasses, a really unique square pitcher, a small (one person) teapot, a milk glass vase, wonderful plate marked Germany on the back, a really cute, never used dishtowel and a fabulous heavy crystal egg-shaped candy dish. The fabu purchase of the day was the pale green enamelware teapot!

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Jenni said...

Benton and El Dorado! You must be fairly close to me. I'm near Douglass. It about killed me to pass by all the garage sales around Rose Hill this weekend, and if I'd known Benton was having some kind of centennial celebration along with their sales, I don't know if I could have resisted. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. I'll have to add you to my Kansas bloggers list.