Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Blahs

Oh my goodness, I have the Monday Morning Blahs. Last night was stormy and no one slept well except maybe Jim. He could sleep through anything! Shadow spent his first night ever in Big D's bed. I was glad he slept the night through and didn't have to go out in the rain. I love having the little dogs sleep on my bed (and in Tiki's case, IN my bed) so I'm so happy that Big D has a friend to snuggle up with.
Sweet Baby M needs to take her prom dress to be altered today and so that is high on our agenda! She doesn't have school and I was so looking forward to shopping and lunch but OF COURSE she has plans with friends for lunch. How did she grow up so fast? There is a 50% chance of more rain today so maybe it wouldn't have been a very nice day for shopping anyway. Better to stay in and tackle the laundry.
At least Big D's baseball game will be canceled. They weren't ready to play a game yet anyway...not enough practice.
Onward with the day. Lots to do...

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