Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is Here!

These were the shoes I wore for Easter. I think they are SO cute! Best yet..they were pretty comfy. I can't wait to wear them all summer long...I just think they are wonderful and I love that metallic silver. I desperately need to update my capri's and t's wardrobe. Plus I love having a few cute flowy skirts to wear in summer. Oh! I just can't wait until summer really hits.

I know spring has really sprung when I start seeing these in my garden. Peony shoots.

It won't be too long until they look like this...

It's almost always right before Memorial Day here. Even though they are always covered in ants..I always bring them in and enjoy them in bouquets. I have a system for getting rid of the ants. I drown them. Fill your kitchen sink with soapy, warm water and then submerge the peony heads for a few seconds. This kind of stuns the ants and you can shake them (or they float) right off. It takes care of all but the most stubborn little stinkers.

My kids are off school today (yahoo!) so we are going to enjoy our long weekend together with mowing and cleaning up. I will enjoy that..I'm not sure about them.

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Very cute sandals! Me likey.