Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogs, Neck Pain, Headache

Those three words so describe my life today.
Dogs: I am having to have the carpets cleaned in my downstairs today because the house smells very doggy and my parents are coming this weekend. It looks and smells ALOT better. As a matter of fact, they just finished and it looks INCREDIBLE!!
Neck Pain: I have either slept goofy on my pillows or have a sinus infection or an inoperable brain tumor but MY HEAD IS SPLITTING and has been for the last three days. I know seasonal allergies are VERY bad right now but it feels like it's in my upper back. I don't's bad.
Headache: Explained above.
I have lost the cord for my camera/computer link up and need to load the pictures of Maggie's signing on my blog and facebook. That's the next order of business today.

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