Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dodge City!!!

This has been the biggest whirlwind week of our lives! Maggie signs her letter of intent for Dodge City Communty College today! We are so excited for her! Jim is in Seattle so will miss the big moment but I am planning on taking TONS of pictures. We have cookies from Connie's, a cookie cake, punch and all the purple and gold and white accessories we could find! After this morning she will officially be a Dodge City Community College Conquistador (or Conq for short).

This is a picture of the campus. It looks very brown in this picture but it really wasn't this unattractive in real life.

And this is her wonderful Coach, Shaun Pohlman. He's going to be a great Coach for Maggie and so encouraging and nice. We love him and his sweet family!

After today...my baby girl will be college bound. I plan on celebrating with a lot of chocolate and my bed tonight. I'm worn out from all the excitement!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Very cool! I'm excited for you/her, but it makes me realize that the years FLY by!