Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Tattered Cover

This bookstore, which is located in the LoDo area of Denver, is a gem! The prerequisites for most bookstores are as follows:
*at least two floors
*great seating
*areas laid out like a real store, not a book grocery store
*some sort of scrap paper for writing down ideas and free pens
*good bathrooms
The Tattered Cover meets all the above criteria. It is located in a huge, old building downtown and although the parking is's worth the search. The sections (Architecture/Cooking/Fiction/Art,etc.) are clearly defined. Each section has seating that matches its theme. For example, the religious section has a church pew, the history section has old wing chairs, the travel section has an old fashioned buckboard from a wagon. It's just as charming as can be.

The coffee and tea is great and Sweet Baby M and the Big D really enjoyed the soup which was served in homemade pottery bowls and mugs. Very cute!

I could have CLEANED up on books but instead bought a few I didn't think I'd find at home and wrote down TONS of titles for the library.

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