Thursday, December 2, 2010


I darn well know I'm blessed materially. We have more than we ever dreamed we would have when we married over 26 years ago...but I am continually AMAZED at how blessed I am as a Mom.
My sweet girl is such a delight to me. She is loving and kind and continually surprises me with the woman she is growing into. Last night she drove all the way back home from college with two friends to pick up a teammate who had flown into Wichita. That is a six hour round trip drive. They didn't get back to college until after 1 a.m. She is really a great friend to her friends.
I love how she calls me to check in every morning or texts with a "Good Morning Mommy". That makes my day.
I adore how she has been best friends with the same sweet girl for over 15 years. How they are thick as thieves and have such a fun shared history.
My sweet Miss M is such a good girl too. I know that other college kids are fiddling around with drinking and bad behavior but she is not into that and I really admire her for standing strong in her convictions.
Every day I thank the Lord that he allowed me to raise a daughter like Maggie. She is truly the icing on my cake and makes me so proud.

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